Almost Equal

An educative documentary film intended for adolescents. It questions gender/sexual relationships and divisions in Croatia.

Adolescents from Zagreb, Rijeka, Opatija and Sisak share their opinion and experience with relationships between men and women, house chores, share of men and women in business and in various professions, adolescent relationships, sex, homosexuality and their visions of future partnerships.

Several acclaimed people also appear in the film: singers Mile Kekin from Hladno Pivo and Dražen Turina –Šajeta, as well as actors Nina Violić and Tvrtko Jurić. The film also portrays people with unusual occupations such as woman-pilot Dunja Kuvalja and male kindergarten teacher Muhamed Kovačević. Historical, medical and social views on relationships between sexes are explained by historian Andrea Feldman, medical doctor Ana Lapčević and union activist Jagoda Milidrag Šmid.


Dana Budisavljević

A Zagreb-based producer and director, the author and co-author of several awarded documentary films (''Family Meals'', ''Straight A's''…). A cofounder of Hulahop Production Company.
Original title: To je nekako ravnopravno
Year of production: 2003.
Screening time: 35'
Format: DVCam
Production: CESI, Factum
Co-financiers: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, CESI, European Comission
Directed by: Dana Budisavljević
Produced by: Sanja Cesar, Nenad Puhovski
Written by: Nataša Bijelić, Dana Budisavljević
Cinematography by: Tamara Cesarec
Editor and Assistant director: Slaven Jekauc
Original score: Plazmatick
Sound dubbing: Dubravka Premar, Gordan Fučkar

Festivals & Awards:

Days of Croatian Film 2003; ONE WORLD Human Rights Festival, Belgrade; Hamptons International Film Festival, New York; Balkan Black Box 2004