Karlobag is a small town with few people, plenty of trucks and a strong wind...

BAG is a story about Karlobag, a small truck stop town under Mountain Velebit, in the moments when the storm hits it. It is sad, funny and beautiful film about a town with few people, plenty of trucks and a strong wind.


Dalibor Matanić

Before his great fiction films acquired fame in Croatia and abroad, Matanić had directed and co-directed some exceptional documentaries, such as ''Derby'', ''Metropolis'', ''BAG'' and ''Good Luck!''.

Tomislav Rukavina

Tomislav Rukavina is today a director of successful TV series. In the late 1990s, he co-directed (together with his colleagues Dalibor Matanić and Stanislav Tomić) three unforgettable documentary films of a specific humor and esthetics: ''Metropolis'', ''BAG'' and ''Good Luck!''.

Stanislav Tomić

Director of numerous fiction films and more than 40 documentary films, including ''Metropolis'' (1998), ''BAG'' (1999) and ''Good Luck''! (1999), co-directed with Dalibor Matanić and Tomislav Rukavina.
Original title: BAG
Year of production: 1999.
Screening time: 20'
Format: 35 mm
Production: Millennium Bag, Salona film, Factum, Tema
Co-financier: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia
Directed by: Dalibor Matanić, Tomislav Rukavina, Stanislav Tomić
Produced by: Nenad Puhovski, Andrija Pivčević, Davor Komerički
Cinematography by: Mirko Pivčević
Edited by: Marina Andrée
Original score: Gustafi
Sound recording: Tomislav Rukavina

Festivals & Awards:

Days of Croatian Film 1999 – Jury's Special Mention for Cinematography; Edinburgh Film Festival 1999; Pool Film Festival; Shorts! FF; Motovun Film Festival 2000; Oberhausen International Short Film Festival 2001