The film depicts the Bad Blue Boys' fight in the 1990s to restore the old, traditional name of Zagreb's football club Dinamo. The conflict between the club's fans and the regime culminated on the city's central square, when the BBB's booed Croatian president Franjo Tuđman.

A documentary film about Bad Blue Boys, the Zagreb-based group of football fans who became a symbol of political resistance during President Franjo Tuđman's regime. Claiming that FC Dinamo's name had been imposed by the communist regime, Tuđman changed it into FC Croatia, triggering Bad Blue Boys' rage. The conflict between the fans and the president who tried everything in his power to suppress their fight for the old name culminated on the city's central square, when the Bad Blue Boys booed president Tuđman.

BBB is the first Croatian documentary film that screened in theaters longer than two weeks.  


Saša Podgorelec

Writer and director of video clips, commercials, short fiction films and documentaries.
Original title: BBB
Year of production: 1998.
Screening time: 45'
Format: Beta SP
Production: Factum
Written and directed by: Saša Podgorelec
Produced by: Nenad Puhovski
Cinematography by: Jasenko Rasol
Additional cinematography by: Dean Bjelinski
Edited by: Sven Pavlinić
Original score: Pips, Chips & Videoclips
VHS footage: Drago Sopta
Sound dubbing: Gordan Fučkar
Computer animation: FX/Interzone
Sound recording: Damir Madić, Mile Blažević

Festivals & Awards:

Alpe Adria Film Festival 2000; Astra Film Festival 2000; Days of Croatian Film 1998; Liburnia Film Festival, Opatija, 2003; Prix Europa, Berlin, 1999.