Chasing a Dream

A story about the reunion of a group of who scattered around the world after 1987, due to various (mostly war-related) circumstances.

After many years, a tsunami strike in Tokyo has reconnected the director and a woman who was his first film’s original score composer. A recently finished song and an invitation to a high-school reunion party in his native city will start a whole sequence of events that will bring back the director to film after many years of self-isolation. Wishing to start from the beginning after 20 years, he decides to find the then 10-year-old actors in his first film, scattered away from their native city by the whirlwind of war. The director embarks on a world tour, and while looking for them, hopes to find at the same time the lost fragments of his own past as well. At a point, destiny decides to mix up their lives and turn the journey to the opposite direction, leading all the characters to their collective catharsis along the way.


Mladen Mitrović

Author of awarded documentaries and numerous documentary and youth programs for TV Sarajevo. In his latest documentary, ''Chasing a Dream'', after many years Mitrović brings together the cast of his iconic child's film ''Haustorče''.
Original title: U potrazi za snom
Year of production: 2015.
Screening time: 145'
Color: color
Format: DCP
Production: Fabrika snova, Serbia
Co-produced by: Balkan Art Centar, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Factum, Croatia / Croatian minority co-production
Written and directed by: Mladen Mitrović
Producer: Mladen Mitrović
Co-producer: Nenad Puhovski
Associated Producers: Giuseppe D’Agostino, Davor Pušić
Cinematographers: Zoran Petrović, Mladen Mitrović, Udai Shandal
Editor: Davor Bosankić
Music: Jadranka Stojaković (songs), Milan Đurđević (composer)
Sound Recording: Zoran Tarabanović, Boris Pušić
Sound design: Dubravka Premar
Sound mix: Gordan Fučkar, Ivan Zelić

Festivals & Awards:

Sarajevo Film Festival 2015, Documentary competition programme - Audience Award; ZagrebDox 2016 - Factumentaries programme; BelDocs 2016;