Eddy's Gone

A film dedicated to Edvin Biuković, a comic-strip artist departed before his time.

The film, made in the comic-esthetics itself, deals with the life and work of Edvin Biuković – Eddy, one of the most acclaimed Croatian comic-strip artists. Although he drew Star Wars episodes in the U.S., in Croatia he was almost anonymous. He died in his early thirties. Eddy's Gone is also a story about the comic-strip culture in Croatia


Aldo Tardozzi

Director of awarded documentaries ''Think Pink'', ''The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship'', ''A Story from Nunić'' and ''Eddy's Gone'', numerous fiction TV series and feature film ''Spots'', shown at many Croatian and international festivals.
Original title: Ode Eddy
Year of production: 2006.
Screening time: 26'
Format: DVCam
Production: Factum
Production Assistant: Zrinka Mareković
Directed by: Aldo Tardozzi
Written by: Zdravko Šarčević
Produced by: Nenad Puhovski
Cinematography by: Darko Drinovac
Edited by: Ana-Marija Sremec, Mato Ilijić
Original score: Luka Zima
Sound recording: Gordan Antić
Sound dubbing: Mladen Škalec, Tomislav Hleb
Video editing: Goran Rukavina, Studio Guberović
Production Assistant: Dana Budisavljević

Festivals & Awards:

Days of Croatian Film 2006; East Silver 2006; Liburnia Film Festival 2006 - Grand Prix; ZagrebDox 2006; DokMa 2006; Crtani romani šou (Zagreb Comic Strip Review)