Liberté, égalité, fraternité. The question the author is asking is: What is the meaning of these words today, in this particular order?

In less than ten minutes, in his sharp, critical and pungent way, Trbuljak deals with some of the most important problems of modern world: its internal structure, (un)fairness and relation to the ideals of the French Revolution that all of us still invoke, even only declaratively.

The film consists of several scenes, shot in various cities and on various continents, always showing the same: garbage containers and people digging out food scraps from them. Container covers slide open and closed and each of them hides one of the three words of the well-known triptych: Liberté, égalité, fraternité. History has witnessed various combinations of these words; sometimes they would be combined with other words, sometimes some of them were dropped. However, the liberté, égalité, fraternité sequence is the one that has persisted. We will find it in the motto of French state, on French Euro coins and in the first article of the United Nations General Declaration of Human Rights. The question the author is making is: Has the time come to replace these words with some other words or has the time come to change ourselves maybe?


Goran Trbuljak

As a cinematographer, he made 25 feature films, including ''Lost Homeland'' (directed by Ante Babaja), ''The Rhythm of Crime'' (Zoran Tadić), ''The Stallion Didn't Like Him'' (Branko Schmidt) and ''Countess Dora'' (Zvonimir Berković). He won numerous awards as director of photography.
Original title: L.E.F.
Year of production: 2012.
Screening time: 9'
Format: DigiBeta
Production: Factum
Co-producer: Zagreb film
Co-financier: HAVC
Written and directed by: Goran Trbuljak
Producer: Nenad Puhovski
Cinematography by: Bau (Berlin); Rosalie Hübl (Mexico City); Antoni-Jordi Owusu (Accra); Bruno Reart (Paris); Kong Qui (Shanghai); Grgur Kulijaš (Zagreb); Goran Trbuljak (Zagreb)
Edited by: Višnja Skorin, 3D2D Animatori
Sound editor: Bernarda Fruk-Mišković
Sound design: Davor Tatić, Petnaesta umjetnost

Festivals & Awards:

ZagrebDox 2012; Days of Croatian Film 2012; 18th Sarajevo Film Festival; Liburnia Film Festival 2012; MEDIMED 2012, Sitges; Tranzyt 2012; Poznań