Love is Love

A TV ad made as part of the campaign for increased visibility of of gay persons in Croatia.

The TV ad Love Is Love was made for LORI 2002 in the days when the rights of gay population in Croatia were largely ignored. The ad was a part of the campaign of the same name that aimed at increased visibility of of gay persons in Croatia.


Andrej Korovljev

Director of the brilliant 2000 documentary film ''The Years of Rust'' about the workers of Uljanik Shipyard in Pula who end up victims of unscrupulous Croatian privatization process. In the past years he has been very successful as director of commercial ads and music videos.
Original title: Ljubav je ljubav
Year of production: 2002.
Screening time: 0' 45''
Format: 16 mm
Production: Factum, for lesbian NGO 'LORI'
Co-financiers: EU, Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands, U.S. Embassy, Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs – Council for Civil Society Development
Directed by: Andrej Korovljev
Produced by: Dana Budisavljević
Cinematography by: Mirko Pivčević
Edited by: Slaven Jekauc
Original score: Marko Mihalinec