Mumbai Blues

A film about individuals and small communities that once flourished in the city and are now disappearing, having failed to cope with globalization.

Mumbai is the largest city in India, the fastest growing city in the world and one in which it is easiest to – fall into ruins. The film begins with grotesque frames of members of the local Laughing Club, who gather every morning at five o’clock in a Mumbai park. There they laugh their guts our, thus starting their daily confrontation with the challenges of the big city.

The film then portrays the ethnic community of Parsis that once ruled the city, but are today nearly extinct; the traditional washerwomen who are no longer needed since the introduction of washing machines; prostitutes whose trade is failing due to AIDS; transvestites, discarded from society … and the lost big-screen hopes of people who have spent as many as ten years roaming the streets of Mumbai in search of cinema fame.

Mumbai Blues is an episode of the documentary series Silent Voices.


Danijel Riđički

Author of documentary TV series and numerous documentary films on social and cultural issues of India and Pakistan.
Original title: Mumbai Blues
Year of production: 2001.
Screening time: 26'
Format: DV
Production: Syncope, Factum
Co-financiers: British Civic Initiative Foundation, British Department for International Development
Written and directed by: Danijel Riđički
Produced by: Daniel Riđički, Nenad Puhovski
Associate producers: Branka Škifić Riđički, Arieb Azhar
Cinematography by: Daniel Riđički
Cinematographers: Carolin Reiter, Manish Mehta
Edited by: Dana Budisavljević
Original score: Srđan Sacher
Project coordinator: Zorica Benci

Festivals & Awards:

Days of Croatian Film 2001