Naked Island

A documentary film about a family secret conceived decades ago on 'an island of broken souls' and a painful past slowly transforming into history.

Some sixty years ago, a man went missing for four years. He returned back a changed man carrying along a painful secret. He later built his family’s life around this unspoken secret. Talking about the past was forbidden in the family. It was his granddaughter, also the director of this film, who first started asking questions, wanting to find out what lay hidden beneath her grandfather’s scar-covered body ever since childhood. However, he died without revealing the entire story to anyone. Naked Island is an investigation built upon the ruins of the past, a mosaic made of clues – family photos and intimate testimonies of a tight-knit group of people who were brought together by the same place, a political prison in ex-Yugoslavia that was also known as an island of broken souls, and consequences that this place left on three generations. At the same time, it is a fascinating portrayal of a moment in which a past can finally become history and a brave documentary defying silence and fear.


Tiha K. Gudac

Author of multiply awarded documentary film 'Naked Island'.
Original title: Goli
Year of production: 2014.
Screening time: 75'
Production: Factum
Written and directed by: Tiha K. Gudac
Producer: Nenad Puhovski
Cinematographers: Eva Kraljević, Tamara Cesarec, Srđan Kovačević, Tiha K. Gudac
Editor: Dragan von Petrovic
Composer: Dubravko Robić
Participating: Vera Winter, Alfred Pal, Đurđica Fućkan, Lenka Veršić, Vladimir Gudac, Nevenka Anzulović
Sound recordists: Milan Čekić, Hrvoje Petek
Sound designer: Ivan Zelić
Animation and graphic design: Bruno Razum
Executive producer: Tamara Babun
Production assistant: Vanja Daskalović
Dialogue editing: Dino Tomaš Brazzoduro
Speach Consultant: Marina Petković Liker
Head of technique: Mario Bandić

Festivals & Awards:

WORKSHOPS / PITCHING FORUMS: Docu Rough Cut Boutique (Sarajevo Film Festival 2012) – DOK.incubator Award; Docs in Thessaloniki (Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival); East European Forum (Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival);  Docs in Progress (International Documentary Film Festival Visions du Réel, Nyon); FESTIVALS: Sarajevo Film Festival 2014 - Heart of Sarajevo for best film in Documentary Competition; Dokufest, Prizren 2014 - Balkan:Dox programme; Zagreb Film Festival - Special Mention - Documentary film Competition; UBRZAJ Human Rights Film Festival (Montenegro, 2014); Verzio Film Festival (Budapest, 2015.); Trieste International Film Festival - CEI Award (Central European Initiative); One World International Human Rights Film Festival (Prague, 2015); ZagrebDox 2015 - Factumentaries programme; Sofia International Film Festival - Special Mention (documentary film competition); Ljubljana Documentary Film Festival 2015 - Amnesty International Award; Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, BFDKF 2015; One World Romania International Human Rights Film Festival (Bucharest, 2015); Vilinius Film Festival 2015; Go East Festival of Central and Eastern European Film (Wiesbaden, 2015); World Premieres Film Festival (Phillipines, 2015) - Best Intercontinental Film Award (Best Documentary); Cinema City (Novi Sad, 2015) - Special Mention, Audience Prize; Pula Film Festival 2015 - Croatian Programme; Festival of Mediteraneean and European Film Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2015); Liburnia Film Festival (Lučica Ičići, Opatija, 2015) - Best Film, Best Editing; Nancy-Lorraine International Film Festival 2015 - Special Mention of the Jury; Rab Film Festival 2022