Straight A's

Made with a lot of passion and subtle humor, ''Straight A's'' is a documentary about Lidija Šunjerga, a Croatian woman who moved to Amsterdam at the age of 19, worked there as a prostitute for 15 years and then returned home, facing numerous problems.

Lidija was born in a small village on the Croatian coast. At the age of 19 she went to Amsterdam where she was promised a job as a waitress. Like many other girls from Eastern Europe, she ended up in a window of the Red Light District. But Lidija was not an ordinary prostitute. She had the charisma that makes people remember her even today, now that she has returned to Croatia. She modeled for Playboy, acted in porn movies, and worked as a waitress, cashier, babysitter... but she always ended up back in her window.

Now, after 15 years of such life, she has come home to start a new chapter and be a mother. She wanted to speak openly about her past. For a short while she became a tabloid press sensation, but was then left alone, with no possibilities to find a proper job. In the end, Lidija and her baby returned home to her mother and sister. The film unveils many sides of a person's struggle to regain the so-called normal life and be accepted.

The film was made in Croatia and the Netherlands over two and a half years.


Dana Budisavljević

A Zagreb-based producer and director, the author and co-author of several awarded documentary films (''Family Meals'', ''Straight A's''…). A cofounder of Hulahop Production Company.
Original title: Sve 5!
Year of production: 2004.
Screening time: 45'
Format: DVCam, Beta SP
Production: Factum
Co-financiers: City of Zagreb Office for Culture, Jan Vrijman Fund
Written and directed by: Dana Budisavljević
Produced by: Nenad Puhovski
Cinematography by: Dana Boo, Andrej Korovljev, Anne Marie Boorsboom (Amsterdam)
Edited by: Tomislav Pavlic
Sound recording and Sound editing: Dubravka Premar, Gordan Fučkar
Co-writer: Jelena Paljan
Research and Production (Amsterdam): Petra Gaffke, Cesar Messemaker, Lumen film

Festivals & Awards:

Days of Croatian Film 2005 - Grand prix & Best Production Award to Factum; Dubrovnik FF  - Best Documentary Film, Audience Award; Liburnia FF 2005 – Audience Award; Sarajevo FF 2005 - Special mention of the Human Rights Jury; IDFA 2004, Amsterdam; Pool FF 2005, Ivanić Grad 2005; ZFF 2004, East Silver 2005; Parnu FF 2005; Thessaloniki FF 2005; Balkan Black Box , Berlin 2005; DokMa, Maribor 2005; ZagrebDox 2005; Independent Film & Video Makers, Kalithea (Patras) 2006