The Blacks Have Endured, and I?

A film essay about a director and his hometown of Osijek. People in (un)usual situations on Christmas Eve 2000.

In a way, this film is a continuation of Jurić’s documentary Jurić: Fortress 1999. Not only because of the location in which the story takes place – the author’s hometown of Osijek, but also for its essayistic, docufictional style. However, as opposed to The Fortress, which deals with a broad historical period, this film takes place during one night, on Christmas Eve of 2000.


Zvonimir Jurić

Acclaimed Croatian filmmaker who made his first professional documentaries ''Jurić: Fortress 1999'' and ''The Blacks Have Endured, and I?'' at Factum.
Original title: Crnci su izdržali, a ja?
Year of production: 2001.
Screening time: 35'
Format: DV
Production: Factum
Co-financier: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia
Written and directed by: Zvonimir Jurić
Produced by: Nenad Puhovski
Cinematography by: Domagoj Lozina
Edited by: Tomislav Pavlic
Original score: Edwyn Collins, OK Band and Zumbići
Sound dubbing: Dubravka Premar, Gordan Fučkar
Sound recording: Dario Žilić
Graphic design: Domagoj Lozina
Co-writer: Selma Dimitrijević

Festivals & Awards:

Days of Croatian Film 2001 - Best Editing; Motovun Film Festival