The Blockade

A depiction of the most massive, longest and politically the most important student protests in this country – the blockade of the Zagreb Faculty of Philosophy in April and May 2009.

The Blockade is the author's depiction of the most massive, longest and politically the most important student protests in this country – the blockade of the Zagreb Faculty of Philosophy in April and May 2009. The film chronologically documents the preparatory meetings of a group of students planning to occupy the building of their faculty for a day in order to raise public awareness of the problems concerning the right to free university education in Croatia. The film depicts the taking of the building and the attempts to establish a dialogue with the authorities (professors, Croatian government members and media). Very soon, the blockade outgrows its protagonists and it spreads across the country, to another twenty or so faculties. It lasts 34 days and makes headlines in Croatian media. The film follows the protagonists' lives after the blockade, their conflicts, their uncompromising fight and, finally, their decision to end the blockade and continue their fight using other means.

Since the author was part of the initiative and since the film crew functioned as insider documenters of the 'independent initiative for free education', they recorded literally everything that is relevant for a thorough and comprehensive depiction of the events in which students, for the first time after 1971, became key subjects in the political life of Croatia and the surrounding region. Given the fact that the whole film crew was actively involved in the events, the film is a collective project of numerous students involved in the fight for free education.


Igor Bezinović

As he considers documentary film a part of his social activism, he usually explores social topics, advocacy for disenfranchised groups and social conflicts.
Original title: Blokada
Year of production: 2012.
Screening time: 92'
Format: DigiBeta
Production: Factum, Restart
Co-producer: Zagreb Film
Co-financiers: Croatian Audiovisual Centre, City of Zagreb Office for Education, Culture and Sport
Written and directed by: Igor Bezinović
Produced by: Nenad Puhovski, Oliver Sertić
Cinematography by: Đuro Gavran, Eva Kraljević, Igor Bezinović, Haris Berbić
Edited by: Hrvoslava Brkušić, Maida Srabović, Miro Manojlović
Original score: Zli bubnjari, Antenat, Ibrica Jusić, Naš mali Afro bend, Tigrova mast, Idoli
Project manager: Vanja Daskalović
Production assistant: Vanja Jambrović
Intro designed by: Vedran Štefan
Colorist: Dragan Šiša
Additional cinematography by: Branko Vilus
Sound recording: Igor Bezinović

Festivals & Awards:

ZagrebDox 2012; Days of Croatian Film 2012 - Oktavijan Award, Audience Award; Mediterranean Film Festival in Split 2012; UnderhillFest 2012, Podgorica (Montenegro) – Special Mention of the Jury; Makedox, Skopje; DokuFest 2012, Prizren; Liburnia Film Festival, Ičići (Croatia) 2012; International 1001 Documentary Film Festival, Istanbul (Turkey) 2012; Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2012 - Special Mention of the Jury; DOK Leipzig 2012; Free Zone Film Festival 2012, Belgrade; Verzio - International Human Rights Film Festival 2012; Poreč Dox 2012 (Poreč, Croatia); Balkan Florence Express (Florence, Italy) 2012; Cinema Politica 2012, Montreal; American Documentary Film Festival 2013; PLANETE + DOC FILM FESTIVAL, Warsaw (Poland) 2013; MEDFILM Festival 2013, Rome - Documentary Competition; Mediteran Film Festival 2013, Široki Brijeg - Competition; Cinema City 2013, Novi Sad - side programme; TV Fest, Bar (Montenegro) 2013 - competition programme; This Human World Festival 2013, Vienna; Which Human Rights Film Festival 2013, Istanbul - competition program; Balkanet Festival, Munchen 2014 - main programme, ZagrebDox 2014 - Croatian documentary film retrospective; Tartu World Film Festival (Estonia) - main programme