The Bridge

A story about the post-war Mostar, told from the point of view of two young people.

A story about historical monuments and monuments to deserving lives, destroyed in Mostar during the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, told from the point of view of two young Mostar citizens of different ethnicities who want to live in a unified, not divided city.


Maja Zrnić

Croatian director and cinematographer. Makes reports, music videos and commercials. In Factum production, she has directed documentary films ''Happy Oblivion'' and ''The Bridge''. She also worked as a cinematographer on the documentary ''Who Wants to Be a President''.
Original title: Most
Year of production: 2001.
Screening time: 33'
Format: DV
Production: Mirage, Factum
Co-financier: Soros Documentary Fund, New York
Directed by: Maja Zrnić
Written by: Dunja Lakuš
Produced by: Nenad Puhovski
Cinematography by: Maja Zrnić
Edited by: Slaven Jekauc
Original score: Luka Zima
Sound dubbing: Mladen Škalec

Festivals & Awards:

Balkan Black Box 2001, Berlin