Branko Ištvančić

In his films, this awarded Croatian documentary filmmaker uses a human approach to his protagonists, not hesitating to use humor at the same time. Critics rank his documentary film ''Cormorant Scarer'' among the best Croatian documentaries of the 1990s.

Branko Ištvančić was born in Subotica in 1967. He made his first amateur films when he was only 15. He has been making documentary films ever since, winning relevant national and international awards. He graduated in Film and TV Directing from the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art in 1999. He won Oktavijan Award for Best Documentary (twice), Grand Prix for Best Film, Golden Oil-lamp and Best Director Award at the Days of Croatian Film, as well as numerous awards at international festivals.

Critics rank his documentary film Cormorant Scarer among the best Croatian documentaries of the 1990s. His live-action debut The Ghost of the Swamp (2006) achieved excellent viewer rates in Croatian theaters. In 2011 he published Poetical Documentarism of Zoran Tadić – a book on documentary film directing.



In this poetic film essay, writer Miroslav Kirin is making an attempt at reconstructing a family album with photos destroyed in the war, when his family was forced to leave their home in occupied Petrinja


My Grandpa's Motion Pictures, documentary (1982)
Berber on Bicycle, documentary (1983)
The Cross of My Hands, documentary (1991)
Autobiography, documentary (1992)
Leave-Taking, fiction (1993)
Slavonian Harvest Customs, documentary (1995)
Cormorant Scarer, documentary (1998)
A Frozen Take, feature (1999)
Faraway Disappears the Railway, documentary (2000)
Steel Hug, documentary (2001)
Aunt Liza, documentary (2002)
The Doormouse Hunter, documentary (2002)
Bunarman, documentary (2003)
The Lost Treasure, documentary (2005)
The Stone Picker, documentary (2005)
The Ghost in the Swamp, fiction (2006)
Recycling, fiction (a part of Zagreb Stories omnibus 2009/2010)
Our Lady of Ilača, documentary (2010)
Album, documentary (2011)
From Grain to Painting, documentary (2011)
Shipyard Sculptor, documentary (2012)