Davor Kanjir

Screenwriter, producer and director of documentary films ''Monk'' (2009), ''My Good and Beautiful Friends'' (2010) and ''Limbo'' (2015).

Davor Kanjir was born in 1974 in Zagreb. He attended the European Film College in Ebeltoft, Denmark. He holds a bachelor’s degree in production and a master’s in film and TV directing (documentary film) from Zagreb’s Academy of Dramatic Art. He wrote, produced and directed documentary films Monk (ZagrebDox, 2010) and My Good and Beautiful Friends (ZagrebDox, 2011). He has published film reviews in Kinoteka and the Croatian version of the British film magazine Total Film. Limbo is his latest documentary film



A portrayal of a space and life in a newly built neighbourhood on the outskirts of the Croatian capital.


Monk, documentary (2009)
My Good and Beautiful Friends, documentary (2010)
Limb, documentary (2015)