Janja Glogovac

Janja obtained her degree from the FAMU in Prague and is an experienced TV director (more than 60 documentaries and reports from all over Europe). Her documentary film ''Tito's Zoo'', made as part of the documentary workshop at the Grožnjan Imaginary Academy, was produced by Factum.

Janja Glogovac was born in Maribor, Slovenia. From 1994 to 2000 she worked as a director on Croatian Television, Slovenian Radiotelevision (RTV) and Czech national Television (CTV). In 1999 she obtained a degree in Film Directing at the FAMU Film Academy. In 2001 she obtained her M.A. in Visual Arts (Film Directing Department). She made more than 60 documentaries and reports from all over Europe. In 2005 she founded Adeo film d.o.o. production company, so that she could direct and produce her own feature-length fiction and documentary films.


Tito's Zoo

A short story about the keeper of the former Tito's zoo on Brioni Islands.


I Was Elvis, documentary (1997)
This Is Balkans, fiction (1999)
F, fiction (2000)
Tito's Zoo, documentary (2000)
Tito, documentary (2001)
Radio and Julijet , fiction film (2005)
The Game Is Over, fiction (2007)
L… Like Love, fiction (2007)
Mysticism of the Palace Hotel, documentary film (2008)