Maja Zrnić

Croatian director and cinematographer. Makes reports, music videos and commercials. In Factum production, she has directed documentary films ''Happy Oblivion'' and ''The Bridge''. She also worked as a cinematographer on the documentary ''Who Wants to Be a President''.

Maja Zrnić was born in Croatia in 1961. She graduated from the Zagreb Law School in 1986. In the same year she moved to New York where she studied Film Production and English Language at the University of New York. Since 1998 she has been working on film and television, making reports, musical video clips and commercials.

She was cinematographer in numerous educational and documentary productions. She used 35mm, 16mm and digital cameras. In 1988 she produced her first documentary film, Larry Wright. In a PBS competition, the film was selected for broadcasting on that national U.S. television. It was also shown on TV stations in UK, Germany and France and on MTV and HTV. In 1992, she received her first fellowship for documentary film from the New York State Council on the Arts. Her 1992 documentary film The Rhythm of Life won her an award in Leipzig, Germany. The film was shown on festivals in the U.S. and Brazil.  

In 1999 she attended the summer film workshop of the Grožnjan Imaginary Academy in Grožnjan. She directed her documentary film Happy Oblivion while attending the workshop. A year later, she made documentary film The Bridge, which premiered at Berlin International Film Festival. In 2000 and 2001 she shot Croatia 2000: Who Wants to Be a President, a feature-length documentary by Igor Mirković and Rajko Grlić. In those years she also made the nautical video guide Dream Point, produced by Cult Film. Since 2009 Maja Zrnić has been living on the island of Hvar, working as a reporter and host of the island radio station's morning program, broadcasting for some 40,000 listeners in Split-Dalmatia County.


Happy Oblivion

Once deserted, the small medieval Istrian town of Grožnjan has now become home for many artistic souls.

The Bridge

A story about the post-war Mostar, told from the point of view of two young people.


Larry Wright, documentary (1988)
The Rythm of Life, documentary (1992)
Mission, documentary (1995)
Happy Oblivion, documentary (1999)
The Bridge, documentary (2001)
Lavender Smells from the Top, documentary (2012)