Nebojša Slijepčević

Director of documentary films and episodes of TV series ''Direkt''. His documentary film "Gangster of Love" was awarded at numerous international and Croatian festivals.

Nebojša Slijepčević was born in Sarajevo in 1973. He obtained a degree in Film and TV Directing from the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art. He made 35 epiosdes of the documentary TV series Direkt, produced by Fade In. The episode Fatherless won him Best Script Award at the Days of Croatian Film and Audience Award at ZagrebDox. His documentary film In 4 Years was awarded at film festivals in Sarajevo and Verona and his documentary TV program City Folk was shown on a dozen of European TV stations. In 2009 he directed one story of Zagreb Stories omnibus film. In 2011 he directed his first animated film, Dog/Rabbit. His feature-length documentary comedy Gangster of Love (2013), about love stories in the 21st century was awarded at numerous film festivals in Croatia and abroad.


On Cows and Men

A story about a colorful married couple from Medulin, whose different views on life disrupt their idyll.


Start - the End, experimental (with B. Čakić-Veselič, 1994)
Bijes, documentary (1994)
La Donna e Mobile, fiction (1997)
Vinko on the Roof, fiction (1999)
Direkt, documentary TV series (2002 - )
City Folk – Zagreb, documentary TV series (2003-2005)
On Cows and Men, documentary (with Z. Matijević-Veličan, 2000)
In 4 Years, documentary (2007)
Žena zmaj, documentary (2007)
Staying Alive, documentary TV series (2007)
Dog/Rabbit, animated (2011)
The Box, fiction (2012)
Real Man's film, documentary (2012)
Gangster of Love (documentary, 2013)