Nikola Strašek

A film director with an exceptional sensibility for the people from margins of society. He first attracted critical attention when he made his multiply-awarded documentary ''I'll Kill Ya!'' (2007).

Nikola Strašek was born in Zagreb in 1978. After completion of high-school education, he studied Comparative Literature and Latin Language at the Faculty of Philosophy. Now he is about to complete his undergraduate studies at the Film and TV Directing Department at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art. As a student, he directed documentary film I'll Kill Ya! (2007). It was shown in the regional competition program of ZagrebDox and won Grand Prix at the biennale review of the student films at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art (FRKA). He also won Best Debutant Award at the 16th Days of Croatian Film and Jelena Rajković Award for Best Young Director in 2007.

His first professional film, Vajt (2008), was produced by Factum. It was shown at ZagrebDox 2008 and on the Days of Croatian Film, Urban Culture Festival, Liburnia Film Festival, Skate Pool Cinema etc. A Short Chronology of Decay (2010) is his first professional feature film. It premiered at the 19th Days of Croatian Film, where it received exceptional critical acclaim. In 2012 he made his new documentary, Čedo, also produced by Factum.

Strašek is a director with an exceptional sensibility for the people from margins of society.



A story about Daniel "Vajt" Bele, Zagreb's legend and one of the best and most daring skaters in the region.


''Čedo'' is a documentary film about Čedo Šaraba, a man pushed off the stage, the likes of whom we see daily in streets, parks and trams, collecting plastic bottles and scrounging money.
In production


An autobiographical short film directed by one of the most talented Croatian documentarians, Nikola Strašek, author of the cult films "I'll Kill Ya" and "Vajt".


I'll Kill Ya!, documentary (2007)
Vajt, documentary (2008)
A Short History of Decay, fiction (2010)
Čedo, documentary (2012)
Ivo, fiction (2012)