Silvio Mirošničenko

A film director with an exceptional sensibility for portraying unusual people. His documentaries (''The Barge Keeper'','' Railway Patrolman'', ''Edo Maajka' 'and 'Skinhead's Diary'') were shown and awarded at the most important Croatian and international film festivals.

Silvio Mirošničenko was born in Bad Schussenried (Germany) in 1972. In 2010 he obtained his degree in Film Editing and in 2001 also in Dramaturgy from the Zagreb Academy of Drama Art. He directed numerous documentaries for Croatian Television and for independent producers. His Railway Patrolman won Best Documentary Film Award at Cinerail 2004 (France). Edo Maajka won Best Editing Award at the Days of Croatian Film 2008 and Best Film Award at DORF 2008.

Three of his films won awards at Liburnia Film Festival in Ičići (Barge Keeper, Railway Patrolman and Edo Maajka).  His documentaries were shown at the most relevant national (Pula, Motovun, Days of Croatian Film) and international festivals (IDFA 2006, The Road of Fear; Cinema du Reel 2004, The Barge Keeper). His films represented Croatia at Prix Europa in Berlin three times. He occasionally writes about film.  He is a member of the Croatian Film Directors Guild.


Dreams from the Railway Station

A film about children who sleep and work at Zagreb's Central Railway Station.

The Barge Keeper

The film follows the fate of a man who guards the barges anchored on the Drava River in Osijek Harbor, waiting to be written off as scrap iron.

God's Drunks

Eight years after filming homeless persons on Zagreb's Central Station, the director revisits the location in order to find out what has happened to his protagonists.

Skinhead's Diary

A documentary in a form of a diary, depicting the life of a skinhead and the informal skinhead subculture in Zagreb.


Bonny i Clyde na Glavnom kolodvoru, documentary (1999) 
Dreams from the Railway Station, documentary (2001) 
The Barge Keeper, documentary (2003) 
Railway Patrolman, documentary (2004) 
Dubrovnik, documentary (2005) 
Blago krša, documentary TV series (2005) 
Lica obilježena vremenom, documentary (2005) 
Prevareni, documentary (2006) 
The Road of Fear, documentary (2006) 
Burza, documentary (2006) 
Punk mama, documentary (2006) 
Mama je mama, documentary (2007) 
Božje pijanice, documentary (2007) 
Edo Maajka -Sevdah o rodama, documentary (2007) 
Skinhead's Diary, documentary (2008) 
Pod udarom kritike, documentary (2010) 
Druga strana rock and rolla, documentary (2010) 
Brda 21000 Split, documentary (2012)
A Window to Life, documentary (2013)
Marko, documentary (2013)