Vlatka Vorkapić

Writer and director of numerous awarded documentary and fiction TV series. Directed some twenty documentary films, two short fiction films, a few awarded theatrical performances and one feature-length fiction film, ''Sonja and the Bull'.

Vlatka Vorkapić graduated in TV and Film Directing from the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art and in Comparative Literature and Czech Language and Literature from the Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. She wrote and directed a number of awarded documentary and fiction serials. She directed some twenty documentary films, two short fiction films and a few awarded theatrical performances.

Her 1992 short film Driver's License won her Best Script Award at the Munich International Film Festival. In 2006 her Judith French won her "Marin Držić" Best Stage Play Award given by the Ministry of Culture. In 2011, she and Martina Globočnik, her co-writer, made the documentary film Gabriel, tackling with small oases of love and erotica in Zagreb, partly building on the TV documentary series Pučka intima, directed by her in 2000 and acclaimed by critics. In 2012 she directed feature-length film Sonja and the Bull.


Strange People's Super Power

A film about a film; at the same time, a complex story about children and their lives, full of brilliant portrayals of schoolchildren and their educators in a children's home.


Driver's License, fiction (1992)
Distracted Viewing through a Window, fiction (1993)
Pogačica, ročelica, mendulica, documentary (1996)
Instrument Maker, documentary (1997)
Na Savi dvor, documentary (1997)
When Mullberry's Leaves Are Like Mouse's Ears, documentary (1997)
Dedek, batek, bakica, documentary (1998)
This Works, documentary (1998)
Zlata Sufflay: From the Archives of Silence, documentary (1999)
Pučka intima, documentary TV series (2000.)
Strange People's Super Power, documentary (2002)
Ana's Poems, documentary (2003)
When Will the Bell Go?, TV series (2005)
Gabriel, documentary (2011)
Sonja and the Bull, feature film (2012)