An autobiographical short film directed by one of the most talented Croatian documentarians, Nikola Strašek, author of the cult films "I'll Kill Ya" and "Vajt".

"... I entered the commune addicted to heroin, diazepam, speed and alcohol. I weighed 58 kilograms, and was 1.90 m tall, drunk, ripped, with scars from missed injections on my hands, as bad as that entire year, as that entire time. Although convinced of my own uniqueness and inclined to exaggerate it in the world, the story of my drug addiction is like countless such stories and harmoniously fitted me into a community that for twenty years I did not want to admit that I belonged to, and I belonged to it more than anything else, more than my child , wife, brother, profession, survival..."


Nikola Strašek

A film director with an exceptional sensibility for the people from margins of society. He first attracted critical attention when he made his multiply-awarded documentary ''I'll Kill Ya!'' (2007).
Original title: Heroin, kruh i rudnici sumpora
Year of production: 2024.
Screening time: 30'
Color: color
Format: DCP
Production: Factum
Financer: Croatian Audiovisual Centre, The City of Zagreb
Written and directed by: Nikola Strašek
Produced by: Nenad Puhovski
Executive Producer: Davor Kanjir
Cinematographer: Nikola Strašek
Technical Manager: Matija Mamuča
Production support: Edita Sentić
Promotion and Distribution: Luka Rinčić