A unique sneak peek into artist Darko Rundek’s world, his music, poetry and lifestyle…

In the film  the author is searching for an authentic visual manuscript to correspond to the poetic language of Darko Rundek, one of the greatest living contemporary poets and musicians in Croatia and former Yugoslavia, who has been living in Paris for more than two decades, where he assembled the international Cargo Orchestra.

In this film we see Rundek differently from what we are used to in the media. Mostly in Paris: in rehearsals and recording an album in a warehouse on the Seine, in southern suburbs, sometimes at home; in Zagreb – in the entrance hall where he grew up, on the banks of the Sava river, in Zagorje, where we seek the house he was born, in Konjščina where he spent his weekends and summer holidays. An intimate portrayal of the creative man is juxtaposed to the man we later see in concerts, with the press and before the audience, outside his comfortable Parisian anonymity.

We also meet the Cargo Orchestra members: artist and performer Isabel Catala, born as a Swiss man called Blaise, director Biljana Tutorov, who explores the relationship between image and sound in the Orchestra, drummer and producer Djani Pervan, born in Sarajevo, who fled the city just before the end of the siege, accordion player Duco Vranić, who has been performing since he was 13. Also, there are the trombone player born in Portugal, Emanuel Manu Feraz, bass player, double bass player and diver Bruno Arnal, and Zagreb’s legendary trumpet player Igor Pavlica. The film also makes a record of Rundek’s encounter with radiophonist and former close co-worker Vedran Peternel.


Biljana Tutorov

Director, producer and standing member of Cargo Orchestra, dedicated to the exploration of musicality of image and music’s cinematic dimension.
Original title: Put do sutona
Year of production: 2021.
Color: color
Format: DCP
Produced by: Wake Up Films (Serbia)
Co-produced by: Factum, Staragara (Slovenia)
Co-financiers: HAVC
Writted and directed by: Biljana Tutorov
Co-producer: Nenad Puhovski