A film about the house built by general Slobodan Praljak, today inhabited by the author of the film, Pero Kvesić. Abdulah Sidran, Goran Babić, Igor Kordej, Goran Pavelić, Davor Slamnig and Pjer Žardin are also among its former residents.

The house in 35 Kraljevec in Zagreb has in the past half a century given refuge to many colourful people. At a certain point, it was everyone’s home. Moments later its tenants scattered across the entire world: from South America to Canada, from New York to The Hague, to Belgrade, Sarajevo and Ljubljana.

Thanks to the fact that he was a giant of a man, the house was built practically with his bare hands by general Slobodan Praljak, who came to a tragic end during The Hague trial. In order to service his loans, he regularly sublet one of the floors, but since his tenants were mostly friends, he could not always count on getting paid for rent. Rather, sometimes he was the one financially supporting them.

The tenants included Abdulah Sidran, a writer from Sarajevo, at that time fighting with alcohol abuse and trying to make a name for himself as a screenwriter, poet Goran Babić, regularly visited by Stipe Šuvar, while young politician Ivica Račan often came over to play cards.

At the time when youth magazine Polet was launched and the Zvečka bar was the favourite meeting point of iconic Zagreb youth, four contributors of Polet who hanged around in Zvečka rented a floor in Praljak’s house. They were Igor Kordej, Goran Pavelić, Davor Slamnig and Pjer Žardin, often accompanied by Mira Furlan and Cintija Ašperger.

Later the tenants scattered across the world like birds leaving the nest. Following their destinies, its current lodger and author of the film, speaks about the past and present times


Pero Kvesić

Journalist, editor, writer, screenwriter and blogger from Zagreb.
Original title: KUĆA NA KRALJEVCU 35
Year of production: 2021.
Screening time: 80'
Color: color
Format: DCP
Produced by: Factum
Sufinancijer:: HAVC
Written and directed by: Pero Kvesić
Producer: Nenad Puhovski
Director of photohraphy: Silvestar Kolbas
Co-financier: HAVC