Underground top chart

Following the musicians and the bereaved, the film is exploring the possibility of compiling a top chart of the songs used to say ‘the last goodbye’ to the deceased.

The film talks about music in a very specific context, music at funerals, where the predominant emotion is sadness, which reaches its peak when parting from the deceased. Music definitely plays an important part in this intensification of sadness, and it is almost impossible to imagine laying our beloved ones to rest without it. Following different musicians and the bereaved across Croatia, the film shows the diversity of funeral practices with focus on music as the dominant element, as if it is the main character telling its story. The bereaved family plays an important role in the formation of funeral music repertoire. It is interesting to take a look at how it affects the musicians. The trends in music genres have always been changing, as have the top charts. ‘Funeral music’, as a specific music armlet, just mirrors that. This film serves as a sort of psychological exploration of music in the service of sadness.


Lidija Špegar

Lidija Špegar holds a degree in Journalism and Film and Television Directing from the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art. Her award-winning documentary ‘Where To?’, about a woman taxi driver, premiered at ZagrebDox and was in 2019. DOK Leipzig Country Focus programme.
Original title: Underground top chart
Year of production: 2021.
Screening time: 75'
Color: color
Format: DCP
Co-financier:: HAVC
Written and directed by:: Lidija Špegar
Producer:: Nenad Puhovski
Director of photohraphy:: Marinko Marinkić
Editing:: Iva Ivan