Children of Transition

Four stories. Four dreams of a happy childhood. In a society making it next to impossible…

Children of Transition is a coming-of-age story about David, Natalija, Lana and Marta. After an excellent performance before the scouts of FC Barcelona, eight-year-old David, called ‘Messi from Slavonski Brod’ by the media, cannot wait to be invited to La Masia. This inexistent piece of paper is the basis of David’s dreams, but also of the dreams of his entire family of five. Eleven-year-old Natalija comes from a modest background, does not have a smartphone and other trendy things. Because of that she is bullied by her classmates and is forced to change school. Six-year-old Lana spends her days changing clothes, putting on make-up, dancing and playing games on her cell phone. A teenage life defined by bullying at school and on social networks became unbearable for fifteen-year-old Marta… What do a happy childhood and healthy growing up look like? Are they possible in a society which has not yet reached its own maturity? This is a film about the environment we create for our common future.


Matija Vukšić

A director with keen interest in biographies and documentary portrayals. He aroused interest with his awarded debut ''Benjamin'' and then with ''Iroquois'', a biopic about boxer Željko Mavrović.
Original title: Djeca tranzicije
Year of production: 2014.
Screening time: 81'
Format: HD
Production: Factum
Co-produced by: Zagreb film
Co-financed by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre, City of Zagreb Office for Education, Culture and Sport
Written and directed by: Matija Vukšić
Producer: Nenad Puhovski
Lead cinematographer: Mario Marko Krce
Cinematographer: Raul Brzić
Sound recordist: Ivan Šmintić
Editor: Ana Šerić
Composer: Bianca Ban
Executive producer: Tamara Babun
Researchers: Matija Vukšić, Antina Bratić
Technical manager: Mario Bandić
Assistant editor: Srđan Popović

Festivals & Awards:

Motovun Film Festival 2014 - Main Programme; Sarajevo Film Festival 2014 - Competition Programme - Documentary Film; ZagrebDox 2015 - Factumentaries programme;  Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival - Panorama programme; Pula Film Festival 2015 - Croatian programme; Liburnia Film Festival (Ičići, Croatia, 2015) - Main Competition; Oulu International Children's and Youth Film Festival (Finland, 2015)