A film about a village left to its own devices. A story about coexistence on a river that separates, yet also connects two worlds that cannot do without each other.

Dubica is a documentary film about Hrvatska Dubica, a village on the river Una, on the border of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This place never recovered from the destruction in the 1990s War of Independence. It is effectively dying out, left to its own devices and a dwindling number of remaining inhabitants. Through interviews with several intriguing protagonists, we get
a wider picture of the reasons for the decline of the Croatian countryside and farming industry. The war that had ended more than 20 years ago is definitely not its sole cause. As we watch images from the beautiful river Una, which is being devastated due to questionable political decisions, a question emerges: is there after all a future for this and many other similar villages in Croatia?


Marina Aničić Spremo

Born in Zagreb, Marina Aničić Spremo earned a degree in Journalism at the Faculty of Political Sciences and was working for years as a radio and TV journalist.
Original title: Dubica
Year of production: 2021.
Screening time: 82'
Format: DCP
Produced by: Factum
In co-production with: Zagreb Film
Screenwriter and Director: Marina Aničić Spremo
Producer: Nenad Puhovski
Editor and Co-writer: Vesna Biljan Pušić
Cinematographer: Marina Aničić Spremo
Sound Design by: Dubravka Premar
Colour Grading and Image Post-Pro- duction by: Iva Kraljević
Sound Mix by: Ivan Zelić
Title and Credits Designer: Iva Kraljević
Promotion Design by: mood.works
Co-producer: Vinko Brešan (Zagreb Film)
Executive Producer: Neda Frank
Production Support: Lucija Parać
Trailer by: Lana Horvatić
Promotions and Distribution Manager: Emina Horvat
Speach Consultant: Marina Petković Liker
Translation and Subtitles by: Ministarstvo titlova
Technical Manager: Matija Mamuča
Assistant Editor: Dora Slakoper

Festivals & Awards:

Forteca International Film Festival - Perast, Montenegro (2023) - Best Female Presence in a Documentary Film