A story about an old man from Slovenia and the Croatian sea…

iOtok is a multimedia and interactive documentary story, following the elderly Slovenian writer and passionate underwater fisherman Mate Dolenc, who is writing his last big book. Mate Dolenc, a Slovenian Ernest Hemingway of sorts, is planning to return to the Croatian island of Biševo in December 2015 after four years. He is going there with the intention to write his last novel. In his career as a writer, he has dedicated eight books for children and grown-ups and two screenplays to this island and the Adriatic Sea. In the meantime, while he was gone, the island, like himself, has grown old and started to die. There are now only 10 hard-core islanders living, most of them being over 70 years old. Hundred-year-old houses slowly turn into summer houses for rent owned by rich people of Komiža on the neighbouring island of Vis. Tourism investors want to make suites for rent in the abandoned island school, which would make the community lose the possibility of using the precious school’s water tank which means life and prosperity for the island. A hope for the future comes in the form of the Lucio couple, a former sea chef, and Lada, a yoga teacher from New York, who came to Biševo to start a new life and a family. However, in order to save the island from dying, first they have to establish a Town Committee and reinvigorate the island community.

Original title: iOtok
Produced by: Astral Films (Slovenia)
In co-production with: Factum
Co-financed by: Slovenian Film Center; RTV Slovenia; Croatian Audiovisual Centre
Written and directed by: Miha Čelar