A musical documentary biography dedicated to Branko Črnac Tusta, the recently departed frontman of the legendary punk-rock band from Pula, Kud Idijoti.

Tusta made his first musical steps in the 1980s, when the band Kud Idijoti was established. What makes Tusta special and what definitely goes beyond the boundaries of music is his powerful and unrelenting antifascist orientation and the background of a sort of Balkan’s “working class hero”. This attitude was what made Tusta and Kud Idijoti the spokespeople of a series of generations growing up in the 1980s and 1990s. The very fact that Kud Idijoti were banned in the 1990s on most radio stations and branded as “traitors of their country” because of their punk-rock adaptation of the song Bandiera Rossa is quite telling about Tusta’s involvement and fight for tolerance, coexistence and social justice in the times when such values were a sign of “the communist stigma”. We saw no politicians at Tusta’s funeral, but we did see hundreds of people from all former Yugoslav republics who travelled thousands of kilometres to say goodbye to the musical “Che” of this region.


Andrej Korovljev

Director of the brilliant 2000 documentary film ''The Years of Rust'' about the workers of Uljanik Shipyard in Pula who end up victims of unscrupulous Croatian privatization process. In the past years he has been very successful as director of commercial ads and music videos.
Original title: Tusta
Year of production: 2019.
Screening time: 109'
Color: color
Format: DCP
Produced by: Factum
In co-production with: Wake Up Films (Serbia), Award Film & Video (North Macedonia), Zagreb Film (Croatia)
Screenwriter and director: Andrej Korovljev
Producer: Nenad Puhovski
Editor and co-writer: Vesna Biljan Pušić
Cinematographer: Goran Legović
Sound recordist: Ivan Šmintić
Sound design: Dubravka Premar
Colour grading and image post-production: Iva Kraljević
Sound mix: Ivan Zelić
Graphic design: Bruno Razum
Co-producers: Biljana Tutorov (Wake Up), Vladimir Stojčevski i Goran Stojilković (Award Film & Video), Vinko Brešan (Zagreb Film)
Associate producer: Tamara Babun
Executive producer and assistant director: Neda Frank
Production support: Lucija Parać

Festivals & Awards:

Motovun film festival 2019. - World Premiere

DokuFest 2019.

Liburnia film festival 2019. - Audience Award