A story about Daniel "Vajt" Bele, Zagreb's legend and one of the best and most daring skaters in the region.

This film tells the turbulent life story of the skateboarder Daniel "Vajt" Bele, who started skating in the late 80’s when that aspect of urban culture was illegal and unknown. Vajt has since become an urban legend as one of the best and most daring skaters in the region. At the same time he is a man who has survived heroin addiction, life on the streets and a rehab commune. Today, Vajt is back in action: he is skating again, pursuing acting career and has even written a novel. He lives in Zagreb and works in an IT company.


Nikola Strašek

A film director with an exceptional sensibility for the people from margins of society. He first attracted critical attention when he made his multiply-awarded documentary ''I'll Kill You!'' (2007).
Original title: Vajt
Year of production: 2008.
Screening time: 30'
Format: DigiBeta
Production: Factum
Co-producer: Zagreb film
Co-financiers: Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Zagreb City Office for Education, Culture and Sports
Written and directed by: Nikola Strašek
Producer: Nenad Puhovski
Cinematographer: Tino Turk
Edited by: Igor Jančiev
Original score: Howe Gelb, Siniša Krneta
Additional cinematography by: Nikola Predović, Ivan Karabelj
Sound recording: Hrvoje Petek, Tino Turk
Sound dubbing: Gordan Fučkar
Production assistant: Vanja Daskalović

Festivals & Awards:

ZagrebDox 2009; Days of Croatian Film 2009; Liburnia Film Festival 2009.