The issue of depopulation shown on the example of a Croatian village.

This film depicts the issue of white plague (depopulation) on the example of a village in Slavonia, becoming symptomatic of the current conditions in the country.


Domagoj Matizović

Domagoj Matizović is a copy editor, journalist and editor on Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT). He co-directed documentary film ''Vastation'' together with Igor Zelić.

Igor Zelić

Cinematographer who tried his hand at documentary film after his experimental debut ''Untitled''. Together with Domagoj Matizović, he directed ''Vastation'' (2010) in Factum's production.
Original title: Razorubičenje
Year of production: 2010.
Screening time: 20'
Format: DigiBeta
Production: Factum
Co-producer: Zagreb film
Written and directed by: Domagoj Matizović, IIgor Zelić
Producer: Nenad Puhovski
Cinematography by: Igor Zelić
Edited by: Igor Zelić, Domagoj Matizović, Martin Semenčić
Sound design: Martin Semenčić
Production assistant: Vanja Daskalović

Festivals & Awards:

ZagrebDox 2011; Sarajevo Film Festival 2011; Mediterranean Film Festival Split 2011, Mediterranean Film Festival Široki Brijeg; Liburnia Film Festival 2011; MEDIMED 2012, Sitges