Premises & Equipment

Factum is located in one of Zagreb's oldest streets, in the loft of the building popularly known as the Croatian Film House. In addition to Sony NEX-EA50EH, Sony HVR-Z1E and Sony DSR300P camcorders, Factum has two state-of-the-art editing rooms.


Factum is located in Zagreb's historical center, in Nova Ves – one of the oldest streets in the city. Leading to the Cathedral, it is first mentioned way back in the 14th century. The building on No. 18 that hosts Factum was built in the 18th century. Today it is popularly called the Croatian Film House because, although it is owned by the prominent Zagreb Film production house, it accommodates a whole series of film institutions, associations and firms: Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Animafest, ZagrebDox, Motovun Film Festival, 25 FPS, Fade In, Animation Department of the Academy of Fine Arts, Croatian Film Critics Association, Croatian Film Directors Guild, Croatian Producers Association etc. Factum is located in the loft and has at its disposal two offices, two editing rooms and utility rooms.



Sony NEX-EA50EH (to arrive soon) is the latest professional NXCAM camcorder with a large APS-C HD CMOS sensor. It is also the first camcorder of this type that is equipped with a SEL18200PZ18-200mm servo-zoom (equivalent of the 27-300mm zoom in small-format cameras), Sony E screw and adapters for the cinema lenses and photo lenses of other producers. This camcorder is characterized by high-quality image, shallow depth of field and ergonomic shape suitable for documentary shooting in all conditions.

Sony HVR-Z1E is one of the most successful HDV camcorders. It has largely contributed to the popularity of HD, particularly in documentary production. It is equipped with three 1/3'' CCD sensors and a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar lens.

Sony DSR300P is a top-quality professional DVCam camcorder with standard resolution, equipped with three 1/2" CCD sensors and a 1.4/7.5-105mm lens.

Editing Rooms

Factum has two state-of-the-art editing rooms equipped with HP computers with multi-core processors and AVID Media Composer software. The editing rooms also include video recorders of various formats: HDV, DVCam, Beta, SVHS, Hi8, DVD recorder and a Canopus analogue converter. The equipment also includes high-quality audio monitoring and audio mixer, CD players, a MiniDisc and a CC.

About Us

Factum is the leading Croatian independent documentary production. In the seventeen years of its existence it produced more than 70 documentaries, shown at more than eighty festivals.




Nova Ves 18
10 000 Zagreb
T. +385 1 4854 821