Pula, heroin

A shocking film about three heroin addicts from Pula. Its authors, Pula-based documentarists Aleksandar Pilepić i Claudio Radeka, follow the paths of heroin in Croatia.

Pula, Heroin consists of the testimonies of three heroin addicts in Pula. It is also a story about the arrival of heroin to Croatia in the early 1970s and its dramatic spread across the country in the 1990s, during the war in former Yugoslavia.


Pilepić i Radeka

Using their guerilla-style approach, this filmmaking duo from Pula has made their only professional film so far in cooperation with Factum.
Original title: Pula, heroin
Year of production: 2003.
Screening time: 21'
Format: Digital 8, Beta SP
Production: Factum
Written and directed by: Aleksandar Pilepić, Claudio Radeka
Produced by: Aleksandar Pilepić, Claudio Radeka, Nenad Puhovski
Cinematography by: Aleksandar Pilepić, Claudio Radeka
Edited by: Dana Budisavljević
Sound dubbing: Tomislav Hleb