Tatjana Božić

Director of numerous awarded documentary films, educated in Moscow and London, one of the founders of Fade In Production Company.

Tatjana Božić was born in Karlovac in 1971. She moved to Moscow in 1986 and took her degreee in TV Journalism from the Moscow State University Lomonosov. From 1993 to 1996 she attended postgraduate studies at the Documentary Department of the Directing and Screenwriting College in Moscow. Her graduation work, Provincial Girls (co-directed with Frank Mueller) won Grand Prix for Best Russian Documentary Film at the festival in Ekaterinburg. It was shown at numerous festivals and on TV stations.

In 1998, the script for her documentary film My Home Town (produced by Factum) received financial support from the New York-based Soros Documentary Fund (now Sundance Documentary Fund). In 1999, she co-founded Fade In production studio, together with Hrvoje Mabić and Marko Zdravković. It is a non-profit production studio focused on socially committed films and civil society issues. In 2002 and 2003 she directed, shot and edited A Woman with a Camera, a series of intimate travel documentaries. It was broadcasted on HTV. From 2004 to 2007 she worked as director and cinematographer in external production for HTV, Nova TV, RTL and Mtv Adria. She lives between Zagreb and Amsterdam.


Karlovac, Unfinished

The film tackles the situation in Karlovac during and immediately after the Homeland War, primarily the fate of Serbs in this ethnically mixed city.

Circa Oaza

A cinematic homage to the true co-existence in Istrian way.

Happily Ever After

A merciless and humorous portrait of contemporary loving.


Of No Strategic Importance, documentary  (1993)
Pogledajte se, documentary  (1994)
Last Weekend at Petlyura, documentary  (1994)
Fraus, experimental  (1995)
Provincial Girls, documentary  (with Frank Mueller, 1996)
Last Plant Standing, documentary  (with Edward Miller, 1997)
Circa Oaza, documentary  (1999)
Voice, documentary  (2000)
Eko, documentary  (2000)
Bespomoć, documentary  (2000)  
Challenge, documentary  (2001)
Distorted Reflections, documentary  (2001)
Dear Suzy, documentary  (2002)
A Woman with a Camera, documentary TV series (2002-2003)
Sex O’Clock, documentary  (with Vjeran Pavlinić, 2006)
Happily Ever After, documentary  (2013)