Father's Profession: Medicine Man

A short story about Istrian medicine man and his son Kristijan.

A short documentary film about an Istrian medicine man, his son Kristijan and numerous women in their lives…

The film was made as part of the documentary workshop at the Grožnjan Imaginary Academy.


Ahmed Imamović

Bosnian director, producer and scriptwriter, the author of ''Go West'' and ''10 Minutes'' and a number of acclaimed documentaries, including ''Father's Profession: Medicine Man'', made at the Grožnjan Imaginary Academy.
Original title: Zvanje oca: vrač
Year of production: 1998.
Screening time: 9'
Format: Beta SP
Production: Factum
Directed by: Ahmed Imamović
Produced by: Nenad Puhovski
Cinematography by: Ahmed Imamović
Edited by: Almir Kenović
Sound: Saša Radmilov
Associates: Katja Restović, Tomislav Fiket