God's Drunks

Eight years after filming homeless persons on Zagreb's Central Station, the director revisits the location in order to find out what has happened to his protagonists.

Zagreb, 1997. Mišel, Brada and Zemo are homeless persons who rent a cheap room now and then. Emina is a prostitute who has bad experience with johns. Miroslav grew up on the street when after his mother had gone to Germany to work. Vili sells chocolates, drinks and idles the time away. Mladen and Marijana are lovers who have served time on several occasions. They all live on the Zagreb Railway Station. Today, eight years later, we have found some of them, while the others have disappeared without a trace…


Silvio Mirošničenko

A film director with an exceptional sensibility for portraying unusual people. His documentaries (''The Barge Keeper'','' Railway Patrolman'', ''Edo Maajka' 'and 'Skinhead's Diary'') were shown and awarded at the most important Croatian and international film festivals.
Original title: Božje pijanice
Year of production: 2005.
Screening time: 30'
Format: S-VHS, DVCam
Production: Factum
Co-financier: City of Zagreb Office for Culture
Written and directed by: Silvio Mirošničenko
Produced by: Nenad Puhovski
Cinematography by: Silvio Mirošničenko, Dario Hacek
Edited by: Nina Velnić
Original score: Pere Ištvančić
Sound dubbing: Mladen Škalec, Tomislav Hleb
Production assistants: Dana Budisavljević, Ana-Marija Kapulica