Happy Oblivion

Once deserted, the small medieval Istrian town of Grožnjan has now become home for many artistic souls.

A story about revitalization of the beautiful medieval Istrian town of Grožnjan, abandoned after WW II. Located atop of a hill like many other small Istrian towns, it is a natural source of tranquility and inspiration. No wonder many artists have chosen to make it their home. The Imaginary Academy took place there in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The film was made as part of the documentary workshop at the Grožnjan Imaginary Academy.


Maja Zrnić

Croatian director and cinematographer. Makes reports, music videos and commercials. In Factum production, she has directed documentary films ''Happy Oblivion'' and ''The Bridge''. She also worked as a cinematographer on the documentary ''Who Wants to Be a President''.
Original title: Sretna nigdina
Year of production: 1999.
Screening time: 28'
Format: DV
Production: Factum
Written and directed by: Maja Zrnić
Produced by: Nenad Puhovski
Cinematography by: Maja Zrnić
Edited by: Jelenko Bantić, Petra Pracny
Original score: Istranova
Sound: Mladen Škalec
Assistant director: Aldo Tardozzi

Festivals & Awards:

Days of Croatian Film 1999