Life in Fresh Air

With its well-intended irony, this film shows that, when politics is at stake, even small places can become theaters of great games.

Far from high politics and ideologies, geographically and metaphorically, the local politicians of the village of Đulovac in Western Slavonia are forced to develop their own strategy to establish communication between native Croats, native Serb returnees and Croat settlers from Kosovo after the war.

With lots of humor and using cinéma vérité approach, Life in Fresh Air explores the general mood of local population in the times when honesty and honor were losing its relevance. Can the wounds caused by the war be healed or will they exacerbate the conflict? Is there a chance for peaceful coexistence after the war? Instead of offering direct answers, the film poses the questions crucial for the continuation of life in the territories of former Yugoslavia.


Danko Volarić

The distinguishing feature of this experienced TV director and screenwriter is his satirical approach to everyday life, as can be seen in his awarded documentaries ''Life in Fresh Air'' and ''Mimara Revisited''.
Original title: Život na svježem zraku
Year of production: 2001.
Screening time: 60'
Format: DVCam, Beta SP
Production: Factum
Co-financiers: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Jan Vrijman Fund
Directed by: Danko Volarić
Produced by: Nenad Puhovski
Written by: Nataša Kraljević
Cinematography by: Silvestar Kolbas
Edited by: Staša Čelan
Sound recordist: Zdravko Dukić
Sound dubbing: Mladen Škalec, Tomislav Hleb
Production assistant: Dana Budisavljević

Festivals & Awards:

Days of Croatian Film 2002 – Best Directing Award; Astra Film Festival, Special Mention of the Jury; Balkan Black Box 2003, Berlin; IDFA 2002 (Jan Vrijman Selection); Palić International Film Festival, 2002; Off Dialogue Through Film On The Road Film Festival 2002; Verzio FF, 2005; ZagrebDox 2007.