Mimara Revisited

A brilliant satire in which the director confronts the Mimara Museum of today and the nation's great expectations of the collection that was supposed to become the "Louvre of Zagreb".

The building of the old Austro-Hungarian Gymnasium School was overnight turned into a museum for the collection of controversial art collector Ante Topić Mimara. The fact that it was dubbed the Louvre of Zagreb clearly indicates the great expectations from it. Today, the Louvre of Zagreb is empty, visitors are scarce. However, various commercial events – fashion shows, art auctions, book presentations, county-club gatherings – record good turnouts. The classical architecture of the Austro-Hungarian school serves as an ideal setting for kitsch events of all sorts.


Danko Volarić

The distinguishing feature of this experienced TV director and screenwriter is his satirical approach to everyday life, as can be seen in his awarded documentaries ''Life in Fresh Air'' and ''Mimara Revisited''.
Original title: Mimara Revisited
Year of production: 2010.
Screening time: 29'
Format: DigiBeta
Production: Factum
Co-producer: Zagreb film
Co-financier: Croatian Audiovisual Centre
Written and directed by: Danko Volarić
Produced by: Nenad Puhovski
Cinematography by: Silvestar Kolbas
Edited by: Hrvoje Mršić
Original score: Danijel Maoduš
Sound editing: Davor Tatić, Petnaesta umjetnost
Production assistant: Vanja Daskalović

Festivals & Awards:

Liburnia Film Festival 2010 - Grand Prix; ZagrebDox 2010; Split Mediterranean Film Festival 2010; Days of Croatian Film 2010