War Reporter

Totally revealing himself, Kolbas uses his own life story as a paradigm of the war that has changed everybody's lives.

In this very personal film, the author follows the events in his native Slavonia during the aggression on Croatia in 1991. Using the footage he himself made during the Homeland War as a Croatian Television’s reporter, the author tells a personal story, but also a story of a whole generation of war reporters who had ended up amidst the chaos of war, totally unprepared.

Entwining war events with memories of the past times, the author depicts a war taking place where he grew up dreaming different dreams. The reality – not only wartime reality – was somewhat different, though. Ending in complete disclosure, Kolbas uses his own life as an example of a comprehensive and faceted paradigm of the war that changed everybody's lives.


Silvestar Kolbas

Croatian cinematographer who had his directorial debut in 2003, with his acclaimed autobiographical film ''All about Eva''. In recent years he has been making feature-length documentaries, mostly for Factum.
Original title: Ratni reporter
Year of production: 2011.
Screening time: 60'
Format: DigiBeta
Production: Factum
Co-producers: Zagreb film
Co-financiers: Croatian Audiovisual Centre, City of Zagreb Office for Education, Culture and Sport
Written and directed by: Silvestar Kolbas
Produced by: Nenad Puhovski
Cinematography by: Silvestar Kolbas and Croatian Television cinematographers
Edited by: Antun Balog, Staša Čelan and Ivor Ivezić
Original score: Darko Rundek and Cargo trio
Sound design: Dubravka Premar
Animation: Antun Balog
Additional cinematography by: Vjeran Hrpka and Pavel Posavec
Sound editor: Gordan Fučkar
Production assistants: Dana Budisavljević, Marina Andrijašević, Vanja Daskalović

Festivals & Awards:

Days of Croatian Film 2011 – Oktavijan Award for Best Documentary Film, Best Editing Award; Liburnia Film Festival 2011 – Grand Prix; TVFest Bar – Best Visual Identity Award; Vladimir Nazor Award 2011; ZagrebDox 2011; Motovun Film Festival 2011; Sarajevo Film Festival 2011; DokuFest, Prizren 2012; Ismailia Short and Documentary Film Festival (Egypt) – Special Mention of the Jury; Golden Boll Film Festival 2012, Adana; Tranzyt 2012, Poznań; Prix Europa 2012; Medimed 2012, Sitges; Eastern Neighbours Film Festival 2012, Hague; Free Zone Film Festival 2012, Belgrade