Danijel Riđički

Author of documentary TV series and numerous documentary films on social and cultural issues of India and Pakistan.

Danijel Riđički was born in 1956. He graduated in Film and TV Cinematography from the Zagreb Academy for Dramatic Art and also in Slavic Languages and Literature from the Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Danijel worked as a lecturer, journalist, cinematographer and TV program editor. He was director of photography on several fiction films and TV drama series. He spent a few years in India working as producer for South Asia. He made five documentary TV series and numerous documentaries on the present-day social and cultural issues of India and Pakistan. He lives in Zagreb and works as Lecturer at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration and as Senior Lecturer at the Dubrovnik International University.


Mumbai Blues

A film about individuals and small communities that once flourished in the city and are now disappearing, having failed to cope with globalization.

Peshawar Rubab

The master musicians of the rubab, once respected artists of their community, suddenly found themselves unwelcome overnight, and had to flee to the neighbouring country of Pakistan, fearful for their lives.


India Today, documentary (1987)
Sketches from India, documentary TV series (1987)
Pakistan, the Land and Its People, documentary TV series (1988)
Jiye Bhutto, documentary (1988)
India, A Time of ChangeI, documentary (1989)
The Kashmir Issue, documentary (1990)
Karachi, the Key to Pakistan, documentary (1990)
Pax Christi, History of Christian Missions, documentary TV series (1992)
Hardship and Courage, documentary (1998)
Letters to Silvije, documentary (2002)
Silent Voices, documentary TV series (2002)
Kani Tribe, documentary (2003)
Sustainable Development, documentary (2003)
Viaggio, documentary (2003)
Fields of Fear, documentary (2003)
If There Is No God, documentary (2004)
Quest for Sanctity, documentary TV series (2009/10)