Matija Vukšić

A director with keen interest in biographies and documentary portrayals. He aroused interest with his awarded debut ''Benjamin'' and then with ''Iroquois'', a biopic about boxer Željko Mavrović.

Matija Vukšić was born in Čakovec in 1982. In 2005 he took his degree in Journalism at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. He works as a journalist and editor in the news program of Croatian Radiotelevision. He wrote and directed documentary films Benjamin (2009), Happy Croatian in Bucharest and Iroquois (2010). He graduated Documentary Film Directing from the Academy of Dramatic Art in 2011.

His documentary film Benjamin is a story about a 17-year-old Roma boy in search of his identity. The film won Grand Prix at Early Bird Festival in Sofia and Second Prize at the Fibula Documentary Film Review in Sisak. He was shortlisted in the competition for Best Documentary Award of the CILECT International Film School Association. Also, it was shown at ZagrebDox, Days of Croatian Film, Rolling Film Festival (Kosovo), SEE a Paris Festival, Filofest Ljubljana, Sarajevo Student Film Festival, F.R.K.A Film Review as well as at Short Film Corner of Cannes Film Festival. Iroquois was shown at ZagrebDox and Days of Croatian Film.


Children of Transition

Four stories. Four dreams of a happy childhood. In a society making it next to impossible…


Benjamin, documentary (2009)
Happy Croatian in Bucharest, documentary (2010)
Iroquois, documentary (2010)
The Children of  Transition (2014)