Video: 'Meet the Author: Nenad Puhovski’

Check out the video of the event 'Meet the Author' at Docucinema KIC. Vladan Petković hosted director and producer Nenad Puhovski.

'Meet the Author' features the stories that the camera couldn't capture, introduces us with the characters and moments that 'escaped' the shot and wit the ideas that should have but never saw 'the projector light'.

"In a relaxed conversation with filmmaker Nenad Puhovski we learned about anecdotes the author experienced during and after the shoot, stories about beautiful and less beautiful moments, the most interesting characters and situations that changed him as a person and, finally, formed him as an author," said film critic and festival programmer Vladan Petković announcing the video of the event.

Vladan Petković hosted Nenad Puhovski on 27 April 2017 at the packed Docucinema KIC, and the video of the event can be viewed in entirety on this link.

The second guest of the event 'Meet the Author' will be the screenwriter, director of photography and author Đuro Gavran, at Docucinema on 29 May 2017 at 7pm, followed by a screening of two of his latest short documentaries, News from Laayoune and Eat Sleep Eat Sleep.

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