Aldo Tardozzi

Director of awarded documentaries ''Think Pink'', ''The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship'', ''A Story from Nunić'' and ''Eddy's Gone'', numerous fiction TV series and feature film ''Spots'', shown at many Croatian and international festivals.

Aldo Tardozzi was born in Zagreb in 1974. He studied Philosophy at the Society of Jesus Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. In 2001, he graduated in Film and TV Directing from the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art. He attended SC Animation Workshop, wrote and produced commercials at Radio 101 for two years and then co-produced popular show Jaundice (Žutica). He attended international documentary film and script seminars in Grožnjan and at the UCLA under mentorship of Prof. Lew Hunter. In 2010 he took part in the international production workshop Production Value. 

He directed awarded documentaries Think Pink, The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship, A Story from Nunić and Eddy's Gone and fiction TV series Dead Angles, Biba's World, Periferija City, Home, Sweet Home, A Blonde's Diary… He directed his debutant feature-length film Spots in 2011. It was awarded at Canadian Film Festival (Rising Star Award, Jury's Special Mention) and was shown at numerous national and international festivals (Sarajevo Film Festival, Warsaw International Film Festival, New York International Film Festival). His is a contributor of magazines Filmski ljetopis and Zapis.


Think Pink

Many people look at everything through pink glasses, but very few of them dare live their lives in a pink world.

Eddy's Gone

A film dedicated to Edvin Biuković, a comic-strip artist departed before his time.


The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship, documentary (1999)
A Story from Nunić, documentary (2000)
Think Pink, documentary (2000)
The Eleveator, fiction (2001)
Shortcuts, documentary (2002)
Dead Angles, TV series (2005)
The Switch, documentary (2006)
Eddy's Gone, documentary (2006)
Biba's World, TV series (2006/2007)
Biba's World, TV series (2008)
Rudi's Angels, TV series (2008)
Periferija City, TV series (2009)
Home, Sweet Home, TV series (2010)
Valley of Sun, TV series (2010)
Spots, fiction (2011)