Nenad Puhovski

Nenad Puhovski has made more than 250 theatrical, film and TV productions. He has also produced more than 60 documentary films. He is the founder of the independent documentary production company FACTUM and ZagrebDox documentary film festival.

Nenad Puhovski was born in Zagreb where he graduated in Sociology, Philosophy and Film Directing. He made his first amateur film when he was 15.  As a professional director he made more that 250 theatrical, film and TV productions. His best known theatrical productions include Orwell's 1984 and Tom Stoppard's Travesties, both in Zagreb's &TD Theater.

Puhovski is best known for his documentary films that, on one hand, tackle social problems (Dead Harbor, Borderlines of Hunger, Graham and I, Pavilion 22, Lora - Testimonies, Together) and, on the other hand, visual art (In Quest of Šutej, Five Films on Nives KK, Bućan – a Triptych). Although many of them have been shown across the globe, their fate at home was of a dual nature. The ones dealing with social issues were often banned, not shown or triggered strong public criticism (Dead Harbor was banned for more than 15 years; Pavilion 22 is still awaiting its TV debut; Lora - Testimonies made some war veterans demand that Puhovski leaves the country...). On the other hand, his films on visual art have received the highest awards at Croatian and international festivals.

In 1997 Puhovski founded FACTUM. He has produced more than 70 documentary films that were shown and awarded around the world. Besides numerous other awards, he won four Best Production Awards at the Days of Croatian Film. In 2004 he founded ZagrebDox, the biggest international documentary film festival in the region. He has been its director ever since. Nenad taught documentary film in many schools in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Middle East and Africa. In 2009 he received EDN Award for outstanding contribution to the development of European documentary culture. He is a member of European Film Academy.


Graham and I - a True Story

A film about Graham Bamford, a British citizen who set himself alight in front of the House of Commons of the British Parliament in 1993 in an attempt to change the British Government's attitude towards the aggression on Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia.

Pavilion 22

''Pavilion 22'' deals with one of the most obscure episodes of Croatia's recent history – the 1991 events in the notorious pavilion in the Zagreb Fair compound.

Lora -Testimonies

Severe torture and some seventy missing detainees is the reality of Split's Lora Stockade in which more than 1,000 persons from Split, Dalmatia, neighboring Bosnia-Herzegovina and the rump Yugoslavia were detained between 1992 and 1996.


Two short promo films about annual meetings of Jews and their friends from former Yugoslavia and from around the world.


What is it that keeps people together? The protagonists' answers to this question underpin the film's story – a story about this undeterminable and often illogical desire to stay together despite of all.

Generation '68

The director's homage to the generation with which he shares his youthful enthusiasm and the idea about a revolution that will change the world, while being "realistic and demanding the impossible".

Đavolji advokati

TV serija „Đavolji advokati“ ima za namjeru, kroz rad odvjetničkog ureda Čede Prodanovića i Jadranke Sloković, prikazati društvena zbivanja i deformacije u Hrvatskoj u posljednjih 25 godina.


And the Evening and Morning Were the Seventh Day, documentary (with D. Tralić, 1965)
Činča, documentary (1972)
The Phone Booth, fiction (1973)
Toyota Corolla 1000, fiction (1974)
The God of Play, fiction(1975)
Bijelo dugme, documentary (1976)
Dead Harbor, documentary (1976)
Boarder's Fairy Tale, fiction (1978)
Fever, fiction (1979)
Five Films on Nives KK, documentary  (1980)
In Quest of Šutej, documentary  (1981)
Television America, documentary TV series (1983)
The Rear, fiction  (1984)
Bućan – a Triptych, documentary  (1986)
Volunteers' Stories, documentary  (1987)
Borderlines of Hunger, documentary  (1989)
Zagreb, City of Music, documentary  (1990)
Cloudy with Rain, fiction  (1991)
Vukovar, Untamed City, documentary  (1991)
Dubrovnik War Trilogy, documentary  (1991)
U spomen ratnih reportera, documentary  (1992)
Sarajevski svjedok, documentary  (1994)
Graham and I, documentary  (1998)
Pavilion 22, documentary  (2002)
Lora – Testimonies, documentary  (2005)
Together, documentary  (2009)
Generation '68, documentary (2016.)