Zvonimir Jurić

Acclaimed Croatian filmmaker who made his first professional documentaries ''Jurić: Fortress 1999'' and ''The Blacks Have Endured, and I?'' at Factum.

Zvonimir Jurić was born in Osijek, where he completed elementary and high school. During the 80’s, while still a teenager, he played minor characters in a number of TV series produced by TV Zagreb. Upon graduating from high school, Jurić went on to study film directing at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles for a year. In 1992, he returned to Zagreb and enrolled in the film directing program at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb.

During his studies, he directed several short films and documentaries, including The Sky Below Osijek, which won the Oktavijan and Critics’s Award for best film at the Croatian Film Days festival. He won the Rector's Award for his short graduation film Die, Die My Darling. Towards the end of the 90’s, he filmed his first professional documentaries at Factum - Jurić: Fortress 1999 and The Blacks Have Endured, and I?, in which he continues to variously explore his hometown.

In 2003, he films his first feature film The One Who Will Stay Unnoticed. In 2009, together with Goran Dević, he writes and directs The Blacks, a psychological war drama about a Croatian military unit that refuses to lay down its arms following the end of the Croatian War of Independence. The film won Jurić and Dević the Golden Arena for Best Director at the 2009 Pula Film Festival. His short film Yellow Moon premiered as an official selection of the Berlin Film Festival and went on to win several awards at prestigious film festivals worldwide.


Jurić: Fortress 1999

Past and present, reality and fiction collide in and around famous Fortress in Croatian town of Osijek.

The Blacks Have Endured, and I?

A film essay about a director and his hometown of Osijek. People in (un)usual situations on Christmas Eve 2000.


The Sky Below Osijek, documentary (1996)
Die, die My Darling, fiction (1998)
Jurić: Fortress 1999, documentary (1999)
The Blacks Have Endured, and I?, documentary (2000)
The One Who Will Stay Unnoticed, fiction (2003)
Sex, Booze and Short Fuze, fiction omnibus (2004)
The Blacks, feature fiction (co-director Goran Dević, 2009)
Zagreb Stories,  fiction omnibus,Yellow Moon segment (2009)
Yellow Moon, fiction (2009)
The Reaper, fiction ( in development)