Mladen Mitrović

Author of awarded documentaries and numerous documentary and youth programs for TV Sarajevo. In his latest documentary, ''Chasing a Dream'', after many years Mitrović brings together the cast of his iconic child's film ''Haustorče''.

Mladen Mitrović was born 1960 in Sarajevo, on a movie set. He graduated Film and TV Directing from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. During his studies he directed films that achieved the highest European and world recognition. After his studies he made two TV films and a large number of authorial TV programmes. Simultaneously, he was working in film as a First Assistant Director. His own first feature film HAMBURG ALTONA brings along his first professional awards, but at the same time there comes a war and with it a period of isolation from film for many years. During that time he was engaged in advertising, making commercials, corporate films and music videos. CHASING A DREAM is his first film after a 20-year break.


Chasing a Dream

A story about the reunion of a group of who scattered around the world after 1987, due to various (mostly war-related) circumstances.


Chasing a dream, documentary, 2015
Hamburg Altona, feature, 1989
Haustorče, TV film, 1987
Budite isti za 20 godina, TV fim, 1985